PurposeCYS Purpose

The purpose of the Army National Guard (ARNG) Child and Youth Services (CYS) program is to support the readiness and resilience of geographically dispersed Army National Guard Soldiers and their Families through age-appropriate youth programming within the program’s core elements, thereby reducing the conflict between parental responsibilities and military mission requirements.



CYS National Goals

The National Guard Child and Youth Program meets the following goals:

  1. EDUCATION: To help provide life-skill education to the child and youth of the National Guard (NG), their caregivers and community supporters.
  2. ACCESS: To help provide equal access to Federal and State benefits that support children and families, counseling, education, child care and other resources needed to foster a healthy, stable and secure environment.
  3. OPPORTUNITY: To create opportunities for participation in programs, events and activities available across the spectrum of government, community and the private sector, geared towards the behavioral health, physical health and welfare of children and youth.
  4. COMMUNICATION: To build a sense of belonging to the NG community by creating secure opportunities to network with other youth, parents/guardians and youth program facilitators in one's community, state and across the nation.
  5. RESILIENCE: To infuse resilience standards into all NG children and youth programs.
  6. OUTREACH: To build and sustain contact with parents/guardians and children of the NG in order to create awareness of available support services and programs, while being mindful of age, location, military and civilian mindsets




CYS Mission Statement

The mission of the Army National Guard’s Child and Youth Services program is to promote and sustain the quality of life and resiliency of National Guard (NG) children and youth by providing secure, timely, flexible, high-quality support services and enrichment programs. The ARNG CYS program is available for school-aged, eligible dependents of Army National Guard Members who are ages six (6) to eighteen (18) years of age, and offers a range of positive activities designed to promote resiliency, healthy development and to ease transition to adulthood.  Program also support school transitions and provide support services. The NG Child and Youth Program fulfills this mission by addressing the child care, youth development and school support needs through National, State/Territory and community-based programs, executed through the JFHQ Program Office and the NG Child and Youth Program.